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Opencve V2 - Breaking Changes

As explained in the previous blog post the new OpenCVE v2 release is planned for the end of July. Even if we worked hard to migrate the data from v1 to v2 as best as we can, this new release is a complete refactoring of the technical stack so some breaking changes are expected. This blog post is dedicated to the OpenCVE v1 users, it presents the changes they can expect.

Opencve V2 is coming soon

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of OpenCVE Version 2, scheduled for end of July. After several years of success with OpenCVE v1, this major update brings significant technical improvements and new features to provide you with an even more enriched and secure experience. Let’s see together what will change! Technical Changes OpenCVE v2 is based on user feedbacks regarding how they use the v1. After many interviews, our users are looking for:

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